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Flamp Silver | ref. 203



Portable table lamp

The cable and the socket come within the box, making it portable and easy to carry. It is a perfect lamp to deploy in settings calling for a unique or varying ambience. The uncomplicated design has already made it an icon of style.

Materials: Cardboard, Polypropylene
Designer: Hiroshi Tsunoda, 2009.
Packaging: Delivered assembled.
Cable: Length 150 mm.

Due to EU legislation forbidding further production of incandescent light bulbs, DesignCode will no longer be including bulbs with all future orthers of light, from October 15th 2009. We offer energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) upon special request.

Recommended bulb: E14 9W Frosted 95 mm h, 45 mm d.
Available for EU standard - 220V.